Diaries have never been our strong point.


There’s never been been a better time to go spreading your verbal muck around the Internet unfortunately the combined technical ineptitude of our small band has always been a source of great amusement to our piers. So a web log? not only does that require know how, it requires thought, literary skill and wit. It also demands a boundless enthusiasm for keeping the rest of the world up to date with what we are doing which, if it were the last year, would just be a very tedious series of seemingly endless meetings. Well at last we are making a new album in our newly finished recording studio, we’ve got a new set, we are planning a tour, a single release and an album , I’m learning about the Internet, Walter has an email address, we’re excited and most importantly we’ve got something to say!

P.S. If there is a 2 month gap before the next post, put that last sentence down to over enthusiasm.


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