Preparing to make our DSOTM.


This morning my brother dropped round the last pieces of equipment we need to begin making Album No. 2 and as excited as I am there’s no doubt that making an album these days, for many artists at least, has lost some of its mystique. For a start I can’t see Jimmy Page Having to boz a load of drum mics from his younger brother to make Led Zeppelin II, but that’s not the half of it. The thrill of walking in to somewhere like Olympic Studios, in the knowledge that for for the next 1 or 2 months you’ll be cosseted in its warm interior in the company of an Ă¼ber talented ensemble of people, must in itself be enough to get the making of an album off to a winning start.

So, how to get the juices flowing? What can we do to create the kind of atmosphere that has preceded so many great records in the past. Well, one thing we have on our side is the new material. We have been playing and writing a lot recently, and while performing any of the new stuff, it becomes apparent quite quickly that there is a fervour amongst the band that perhaps wasn’t so obvious throughout last year. Then there’s the scenery. Having a studio, albeit rather bijou one, atop a hill in the south downs is going to be a winner in anyone’s book. Being able to step outside straight on to a view like ours can sweeten any mood. Then there is all the equipment we’ve had, which until now has been spread to the four corners. Seeing it all in the same place for first time you realize how kitted out we now are. Joe meek would have sold his hand for some of this gear. So perhaps its not quite as unromantic as we first thought, perhaps it just harks back to an earlier age of homespun experimentation rather than the pomp of the 70’s superalbum, maybe we don’t need mega bucks to make a mega album, there can be no denying we are very lucky to have what we have. Like so many other things in the music industry the goal posts just keep on being moved, so it looks like we’re just going to have to keep on moving with them.


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  1. Good luck with ‘the difficult second album’ boys.
    Can’t wait to hear the new stuff.
    Rosie x

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