Who will remember Neil Young?


Today I (raph) am going to see Neil Young which is quite exciting. Its being held in Hyde park which I am not so happy about just because of the shear scale of the event. I find huge one day events have an atmosphere all of their own. Its incredibly easy, without the warm up you get at festivals, to drink yourself into a stupor in the hot sun, lose your friends, find them again, only to realize they were three feet behind you all along, drink the warm beer they bought for you an hour ago, slowly lose your mind and wake up without any memory of the act you should have paid so much money to see in the first place. There are a fair few bands that in casual conversation I can say I’ve seen but if the talk lingers on the details of the show for any length of time I swiftly have to admit that although I was there my mind was not.

The only Neil young record I own, I realized this morning looking for albums I don’t have, is harvest. Which, although i killed when I was younger, still gets played about once a month. It’s an enduring record which are the hardest ones to make. It’s got some right shonky tracks on it which normally get a skip, particularly Man Needs a Maid, but on hole its a great great piece of work. Its got a wonderful roomy sound to it that puts you right there, in the barn they recorded it in. I ought to buy some more Neil Young records when I get the chance but I think I’ll wait to see if he’s any good tonight. I find it very difficult to enjoy an artist after going to a disappointing gig but, if all goes as expected, I may well be none the wiser tomorrow morning.


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