Hot In The City.

London is a very hot place today. I love a bitching hot day as much as any sun worshiper but it does take its toll on ones ability to think rationally. I drove through South London this afternoon, got honked at more times than I care to mention and, without a thought, calmly found myself honking like an italian and flicking the bird at anyone who’d look in my direction. Everyone was at it, we should all be happier than monks on a day out at the nunnery but thats what the sun does to our weak little sun starved minds.

After a winter and spring both spent carefully planning the year ahead, looking forward to a period of prolonged and hopefully productive creativity, it feels disappointing to find myself in this sun induced coma. Just at the point where I need to be at top my of my game, cognitive phaser set to ‘wound aggressively’ I instead, find myself a beer, sit down  and stare at my friends forlornly, hoping that part of their brain is doing some of the work that my burnt out sponge should have completed hours ago. It’s just as well then that I live the British Isles, a place where heat waves are counted in days and not months, because as intoxicating as the beer/sun/garden/snooze combo is, cogent thought is not an abundant byproduct.



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