Gig night



Gig nights for us normally consist of showing up at a venue at half 4 in the afternoon, waiting around for hours to rush through sound-check, getting a bit stressed about something or other and then waiting around some more b4 we play our set. Its a  pretty standard routine for most bands i would’ve thought.

Pint 1 9:10

So last night I got to be on the other side of things – First stop Mindwire @ Westival. The west centre go to great lengths each year to put on a cracking weekend festival. They cover the entire venue in grass which is V. impressive and they build a pyramid over the stage which creates a quite unique setting. The grass does in fact make it a sound guy’s paradise and sure enough all the bands sound nice and lush… if a bit quite for my liking!

Pint 2 9:50

Mindwire, who just reformed for this show and maybe one other? played to an almost full house of friends and die hard fans and they didn’t disappoint. All the classics came out the bag. ‘Spread it Around’ was my pick of the night though. Its clear to me Si ‘the dagger’ Morten has still got it!! 

We then hot footed it from Aldershot over to Guildford, ditched the car and headed to venue 2. ‘The Boileroom’ were hosting Redwood tonight who were playing a warm up show for Guilfest in a couple of weeks.

Pint 3 + catch up shots 11:15

Quite a contrast here, there’s nothing like a bit of pre-gig stress to warm the crowd. The hours waiting around had clearly taken there toll on the band!!

Pint 4 + shots 11:30

Redwood blitzed the stage in true ear bleeding fashion, just the way I like it! The band haven’t changed a bit, still wearing the same clothes, still playing the same amps and still playing the same rocking songs!

Pint 5 + flaming sambucca’s 11:45

Good gig. For many now, the end of the night beckons and slowly the crowd lessens. I am thankful that I don’t have to pack down my kit as we head to the bar.

Pint 6 12:25?

So now we move on to ‘the legion’ –  open mic night is in full swing downstairs, hip hop? on floor 2 and thankfully floor 3 has some rock tunes to keep us company!

Pint 7 1:15

Lots of post gig chat and analysis – Met some twins, friends of a friend – sadly not up for a congo though.

Pint 8 1:45??

Start to think about heading off – probably should’ve done  hours ago! Bump into some friends outside another bar who are homeward bound as well… lots of sleepy faces!!

Taxi – 2:15?

Tragically it didn’t take us far, as we spotted a attractive looking burger van with our name on it.

2 x half pounders with bacon/cheese. 2:20

Walked the rest of the way home where Wolfgang was waiting with a wagging tail to greet us 🙂 

All in all a good night – thank god we didn’t have any booze at home! My ears are ringing this morning, but that’s the sign of a good night i guess 🙂 Its not often that you get to see 2 gigs in one night, especially when they are both reforming specially – shame really they were both on the same night as I think both would have been sell outs, most mindwire fans are redwood fans and vice-versa, but no-one did both gigs like us!! haha….

Going for a walk now. bye!


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