tech-no fever …toys for the boys!

Tick tock the clock is ticking and the time is getting closer to try the new songs out live, i cant wait , and we all feel really excited , but a little nervous if im honest at the prospect of venturing out from the comfort of the studio.

The most exciting thing to hit the studio and more importantly our hands and ears is the arrival of some new sonic wizardry , raph has a lovely new nord super synth keyboard which he has lovingly filled with his master crafted sounds and samples, although it does lack the eccentricity of his previous elderly nord cardboard box affair!

Jon meanwhile,  has a lovely new drum pad  which we have filled with sweet nord sounds and some lovely analog 60s organ sounds from our ancient jumbo jem organ, jon is also playing keys on a load of the new tracks so he’s kept busy to say the least!

I have a new guitar….its like got six strings and well its positively old fashioned compared to my compadres new gear!, the nearest i get to knowing much about the techno stuff that raph and jon have is telling mates that raphs keyboard is shock polyphonic! this according to raph is a function invented some time ago in the seventies and apparently not the revelation i had obviously thought it to be! thats the last time i try to sound cool when talking about subjects i know little of!

The gigs will reveal all!…..hopefully more good than bad!



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